Clean air, clean water and waste reduction are not only important locally, but globally too.  Your generous donation will make a world of difference.  


Click on the BCEQ Tree to Donate through NY Charities

You can join by making a tax-deductible online donation to BCEQ through the New York Charities. BCEQ is an IRS-designated 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

BCEQ Membership Dues
Low Annual Fees:
[ ] Individual $25.00
[ ] Student/Senior $10.00
[ ] Small Group/Neighborhood Stores $75.00
[ ] Sponsor $200.00
[ ] Benefactor $500.00
[ ] Lifetime $1,000.00

If you prefer to donate via USPS Mail, print the bceq_membership_form here and send your check payable to: Bronx Council for Environmental Quality

Bronx Council for Environmental Quality
P.O. Box 265
City Island Station
Bronx, NY 10464-0265

bceq_membership_form (Adobe Acrobat Required)

Thank you for your support.  Please consider donating more than your money, a donation of some of your time would greatly be appreciated.

For all questions, please use our contact form.

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